Aisle and Floor Marking Tapes

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Custom Anti Slip Tape Capabilities

No Skidding® Aisle Marking and Hazard Warning Tape

No Skidding® Aisle Marking and Hazard Warning Tape
  • Highly visible, tough, pressure-sensitive vinyl tapes are perfect for: aisle marking, color coding, duct sealing, abrasion protection, joint sealing, pipe wrapping, decorating, light bundling, packaging, safety marking, etc.
  • Available in 12 colors and clear. Please specify color.
  • One roll of vinyl tape measures 36 yards, or 108 feet.
  • Promote safety and mark specific areas by identifying potential hazardous areas with visible tapes.
  • Vinyl tapes adhere to floors, walls, piping, posts, beams, hand rails, stairways, machinery, and equipment.
  • Vinyl tapes can be used for color-coding and identifying aisles, walkways, indoor traffic lines, danger zones, boundaries, doorways, and any other general purpose marking.
  • Available colors are: Yellow, Red, White, Black, Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Gray, Purple, Black/Yellow Diagonal Stripe, Red/White Diagonal Stripe.

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