Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

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FlexfinishTM Slip Resistant Clear
Floor Finish - Low Lustre 8101

Low Lustre #8101

  • Slip Resistant. Exceeds ASTM Standard Safety Specifications. Slip co-efficient 0.5 - 0.8.
  • Rapid Drying. Internal thermal generator accelerates curing process to under 10 minutes, enabling burnishing between coats, which further speeds up the curing process and improves the appearance and durability of the floor. Conventional finishes cure from surface inwards, FlexfinishTM cures from inside to surface.
  • High Solids. Coverage up to 3,000 sq. feet per gallon, one coat.
  • Non-Powdering. Unique molecular structure elevates the gloss transitional temperature, completely eliminating the need for restorers. This gives the toughest floor finish possible.
  • Non-Yellowing. Crystal clear and U.V. resistant. The need to strip floor is reduced to once every THREE years.
  • Versatile. Use on all types of natural or synthetic, resilient or hard floors, including stone and wood.
  • Easy Application.
  • Scuff and Scratch Resistant. Repels impregnation of foreign particles such as black heel marks. FlexfinishTM is very tough.

    FlexfinishTM is slip resistant on dry surfaces. To impart slip resistance on wet surfaces, we recommend MaxiflexTM HT. This product cannot totally eliminate the possibility of slipping.

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