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FLEXCLEANTM Highly Concentrated Electrolytic Cleaner - 8301

FlexcleanTM #8301 Highly
Concentrated Electrostatic Cleaner

A Highly Concentrated Electrostatic Cleaner that removes dirt rapidly by breaking the electrostatic bond between the soil and the hard surface. FlexcleanTM is non-caustic, contains no Ammonia, Butyl or Methylene Chloride. FlexcleanTM is biodegradable, non-toxic and ph controlled. It is 100% effective in hard, soft, hot, or cold water. FlexcleanTM is safe to use on all washable surfaces. Helps prevent emulsification of grease into slippery residue on the floor or tub. It actually repels soil and grease.

FlexcleanTM can be used to clean all floor surfaces including; ceramic, marble, mosaic, granite, concrete, terrazzo, porcelain tile, slate, glazed brick, vinyl, wood, painted, etc.

FlexcleanTM can be used to clean bathtubs, shower stalls and other washable surfaces. FlexcleanTM is highly recommended to use to clean surfaces that have been rendered slip resistant with No Skidding Anti Slip Floor Treatment. An excellent cleaner for stainless steel and glass.

Dilution Ratios
  • Wet Mopping 2 to 4 oz per 3.78 litres of water
  • Machine Scrubbing 1 to 2 oz per 3.78 litres of water
  • Spray Cleaning 4 oz per 3.78 litres of water
  • Glass Cleaning 1 oz per 3.78 litres of water
  • Awnings and Stainless Steel Smoky surfaces, carpets and high traffic areas: Use full strength and rinse with water
Typical Applications
Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Factories, Food Processing Plants, Health Clubs, Shopping Malls, Office Building, Recreational Centers, Pool Decks, Bathtubs, Showers etc.

FlexCleanTM comes in 1 US Gallon (3.78 L), 5 US Gallons (18.9 L) and 55 US Gallons (207 L)

FlexcleanTM #8301
Electrostatic Cleaning:

A Unique Advance In Cleaning & Protecting Chemicals
Why do new surfaces become soiled in the first place... and what can be done?

New surfaces have no special ionic charge. If it is in equilibrium, new surfaces stay cleaner longer because they don't attract soil as easily as surfaces, which have an ionic disturbance. A new surface becomes gradually soiled by a number of outside forces and usually by a combination of the following: residues of conventional cleaners; air pollution; touch or fingerprints; soil-laden wind; precipitation; flooding; the force of gravity; etc.

Accumulated soils contain either a positive or a negative ion change and will cause the host surface to gradually attract or absorb more soil. Since opposites attract and some soil types are positively charged while other are negatively charged, these soils are "held" by an ionic charge on the substrate, thereby altering its equilibrium. The total surface imbalance will increase over time as more soil accumulates. The soiling process is compounded due to the difference in their ionic position and removal of these soils becomes increasingly difficult.

The above is due to poor surface maintenance.

THE IONIC POINT OF VIEW: Floor strippers and cleaners, degreasers, window cleaners, bowl cleaners, or any conventional cleaner for that matter can chemically burn off and remove soils. In doing so, not only are residuals left behind to attract more soil but aggressive chemicals may also cause increased surface porosity, which means the substrate is damaged.

Sticky residuals, visible or invisible, are normally left behind by regular and sometimes improper use of various cleaning chemicals. In addition, if there were no residuals left behind, just the use of these chemicals by their ionic nature would cause a natural physical change in the surface charge.

Opposite ionic charges attract which ultimately results in additional labour, more chemical usage through heavier concentrations and more heat and mechanical action needed.

FlexcleanTM: Electrostatic (ionic) cleaner restores the ionic balance of the surface. It is applied to make cleaning easier and faster. Thereafter, the surface will repel soils as if they were new. Conventional cleaning chemicals are neither efficient nor effective due to the fact that they do not properly address the reason soils adhere to a surface. Conventional chemicals treat the symptoms, not the problems.

Conventional pH-dependent cleaners can make the surface absorb certain types of soils more easily. The more you clean with them, the faster the surface re-soils. They leave visible, as well as invisible residuals. Strong alkaline and acid ingredients literally burn soils off, sometimes damaging the surfaces it is meant to clean and protect.

No Skidding Products has developed, the safest most effective natural method of soil removal and surface protection by effectively harnessing electromagnetic forces in a solution to get technology working for you.

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