Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

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Slip Resistant Epoxy - Water Base, One Part,
Non Combustible - 79WB Series

EpicoteTM Water Based One Part Epoxy 79WB

Where There is a Concern for Flammability

A one part water reducible epoxy coating specifically designed to give durable textured coating for foot traffic on steel, fiber glass, aluminum, concrete, and wood substrates. Ideal for boat, trailer, laundry room, bathroom, on steps, ramps, and a variety of industrial and residential applications. Where flammability is a concern. Available in fine, medium, and coarse profiles.

In most cases NoSkidding Water Reducible Epoxy can be applied directly to the surface. Over ferrous metals a solvent based primer may be used to provide added rust resistance. Over exterior wood surfaces an alkyd oil base primer is recommended.

Coverage: 300 sq.Ft. per gallon @ 2 mils.
Reducer: Water
Dry to touch: 30-40 minutes at 77 F (23 C).
Dry hard: 72 hours at 77 F (23 C).
ASTM D 4518-91

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