Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

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MaxiflexTM Resilient Slip Resistant Finish Low Lustre 8702
World's first resilient anti-slip water base floor finish

MaxiflexTM Resilient Slip Resistant Finish Low Lustre #8702

Slip Resistant
A unique combination of a very highly slip resistant finish combined with tempered safety traction granules yields a slip coefficient that exceeds industry standards.

Recommended for Resilient and Hard Floors

  • Does not require burnishing
  • Scrub & Recoat, low maintenance, self-sealing, dries crystal clear, UV resistant with super fine traction granules.
  • For application on all types of resilient and hard floors including natural stone, ceramic tile, wood, concrete, rubber, VAT, VCT. lino and old vinyl asbestos tile.

Resists Staining and Etching
  • Solvent and mild acid resistant.
  • Resists alcohol, oils, medications and most food spills.
  • Maintained and restored with FlexcleanTM or On GuardTM.
  • Saves on chemical cost.
This product cannot totally eliminate the possibility of slipping.

Spreading rate - 3,000 sq. feet per gallon, one coat.
Non-powdering, non-yellowing (UV resistant)
Scuff and scratch resistant

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