Slip Resistant Safety Tape

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NS4300PH Series Photo Luminescent Grit Tapes


No Skidding Premium Anti Slip Photoluminescent Grit Tape is a safety grade photo luminescent anti skid grit tape coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. It has been designed to exceed requirements for OSHA and other safety standards.


No Skidding Anti Slip Photoluminescent Grit Tape is designed for indoor and safety applications such as egress markings in building, marine, rail, and a military applications.


Sizes: 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 12", 18", 24" X 60 ft. Also 6”X24” and 3 inch Arrows or 3 inch Circles. We can customize cleat sizes per your specifications


PSTC – 133
   - Substrate
   - Pressure Sensitive adhesive
   - Release Liner

0.019 inch (0.483 mm)
0.002 inch (0.051 mm)
0.007 inch (0.178 mm)

Peel Adhesion To:

     - Stainless Steel


     - Powder Coated surfaces*


     - Polyethylene

PSTC – 101

15 minute dwell
24 hour dwell

15 minute dwell
24 hour dwell

15 minute dwell
24 hour dwell

90 oz/in (99 N/100 mm)
110 oz/in (120 N/100 mm)

80 oz/in (88 N/100 mm)
85 oz/in (93 N/100 mm)

55 oz/in (60 N/100 mm)
65 oz/in (71 N/100 mm)

Shear Adhesion To:

    - Stainless Steel

PSTC – 107

½” x ½” x 1000g

10 Hours

PSTC – 6

Rolling Ball Tack

<3 inches
Luminous Values

DIN 67510 / ASTM 2072
(Xe lamp 1000Lx / 5 min) 10 min
(Xe lamp 1000Lx / 5 min) 60 min

56 mcd/m²
7 mcd/m²

Coefficient of Friction ASTM D1894  

- Dry Rubber
- Wet Rubber
- Dry Leather
- Wet Leather


Service Temperature

- High

- Low

14 days at 220ºF

14 days at -20ºF

No Visible Effects

No Visible Effect

Solvent Resistance

(Product laminated to stainless steel panel and allowed to condition for 24 hrs at room temperature before testing. Sample was covered with reagent to the point that edges of product are also exposed to the reagent. This product is exposed to reagent for 1 hour at room temperature then reagent is removed and product is immediately tested for scrape resistances, delaminating and other visual effects.)

10% Salt Water
25% Sulfuric Acid
1% Sodium Hydroxide
Unleaded Gasoline
Diesel Fuel
Hydraulic Fluid
50% Antifreeze in water
Mineral Spirits
99% IPA

Not Recommended
Intermittent Contact Only
Intermittent Contact Only
Intermittent Contact Only
Not Recommended

UL Logo
Certified High Traction

Product No.DescriptionSize
NS4301PHGlow in the Dark Premium Anti Slip Grit Tape1" x 60'
NS4302PHGlow in the Dark Premium Anti Slip Grit Tape2" x 60'
NS4303PHGlow in the Dark Premium Anti Slip Grit Tape3" x 60'
NS4304PHGlow in the Dark Premium Anti Slip Grit Tape4" x 60'
NS4306PHGlow in the Dark Premium Anti Slip Grit Tape6" x 60'
NS4300PH-6X24Glow in the Dark Premium Anti Slip Grit Tape6" x 24"

Color and lot variances of coated surfaces including paints, powder coatings, lacquers, stains and other treatments may vary the performance of the tape and should be evaluated for the compatibility of the tape to the specific surface.

Note: While the date contained herein is believed to be reliable averages of the products properties, the data should not be used for specification purposes. Test Data and results contained in this document are for general guidance only and should not be used by customers to establish designs and specifications. Customers who desire performance data should contact No Skidding Products for further recommendations.

WARRANTY The determination of the suitability of this product for any specific use is solely the responsibility of the user. No representations, guarantees or warranties of any king are made to the accuracy or suitability of information in this document to any specific application. No Skidding warrants its products to be free from defects but limits its obligation to replacement of products that has bee proven, to No Skidding’s satisfaction, to be defective. This warranty is non-transferable and only applied to customers buying directly from No Skidding Products. No Skidding is not liable for any loss, damage, expenses, or consequential damages arising in connection with the use of this product

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