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A.S.M. ANTI SLIP MAINTAINER, Product No. 72378
  • An effective cleaner / maintainer that helps maintain the long term performance of No Skidding Anti Slip Treatments on unsealed ceramic & porcelain tiles and tubs, porous concrete, quarry tile and brick, and similar unsealed floor surfaces. Removes soils due to grease & oil (organic) and hard water/silica (non-organic) accumulations. Acts as an alkaline and acid cleaner in same application.
  • Effective for deep cleaning grout lines.
  • Easy to apply with a mop, spray or auto scrubber. Does not contain phosphates.
  • Helps reduce slip injuries in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, warehouses, food processing plants, hospitality, health and senior care, bath and shower floors, hospitals, pool decks and more.
  • Suitable for concrete floors, in light industrial use such as warehouses, food processing, garages etc. to help improve slip injury prevention.
  • Very effective as a daily cleaner when diluted to remove mineral and hard water stains. Removes soils that are difficult to remove with most cleaners such as insoluble minerals including silica, calcium, and iron. Easy to use. Apply, scrub, rinse away. Can be applied with a mop, deck broom, spray or foamer.
  • Excellent as a cleaner of wall surfaces as well as floors. May be sprayed onto out of reach wall surfaces in factories and commercial buildings.

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