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FlexfinishTM HT Floor Finish 8002

FLEXFINISHTM is a high gloss, high solids pure thermoplastic floor finish that is very durable and can be maintained with conventional or high speed floor care systems. FLEXFINISHTM is a pure acrylic floor finish that is produced in high pressure reactors using proprietary molecularly engineered polymers, the finest high pressure micronized wax emulsion, leveling aids, interacted plasticizers, preservatives and deionized water to offer a premium grade floor finish.

Features and Benefits
  • High solids formula that offers labor and material savings by limiting the number of wear coats to be applied.
  • Pure thermoplastic polymers.
  • May be used with conventional or high speed floor maintenance systems / allows versatility and reduced inventory levels of additional products.
  • Hard wear surface, scratch and scuff resistant
  • Designed for ease of application

UL Logo
UL® Classified for slip resistance

Directions for Use

Floor Preparation: Strip old wax or finish using Flexstrip, product. 8201 and follow label instructions. If necessary rinse completely with fresh clean water and allow surface to dry completely.

Application: Apply a thin uniform coat of finish in the conventional manner using a clean rayon mop or applicator. Allow finish to thoroughly dry 30 minutes after each coat. Donít apply more than four coats in a 24 hour time period. Floors must be thoroughly dried before opening up the area to traffic. This finish can be used with a high speed polishing or burnishing machine at 1000 RPM or higher. Before buffing or burnishing first dust mop the floor surface using a dust mop pad.

Maintenance: Maintain in the conventional manner by cleaning with a treated yarn dust mop to remove surface dirt daily. Damp mop or clean with an automatic scrubber as required, using an approved neutral cleaner at the specified dilution. Spray buffing to remove embedded soils is recommended. Worn areas, or the entire floor, may be re-coated as required to maintain a uniform high gloss. When stripping becomes necessary use an approved stripper for detergent resistant finishes.

Product Specifications
Type: Metal Bonded Integrated Polymer
Drying Time (minutes): 30
Odor: Pleasant
Coverage (sq. ft./gal): 2500 +
Powdering: Nil
Non-yellowing: Yes
Flash Point: None
Solids Content (%): 25 + / - 0.5
pH: 8.4 + / - 0.2
Color: White, opaque liquid
Film Appearance: Clear
Shelf Life: 1 year minimum in original unopened container
Slip Resistance: U.L. Rated
Freeze thaw stable: Yes. 3 cycles
Detergent Resistant: Yes
Gloss: Superior
Durability: Superior
Soil Resistance: Superior
Scuff Resistance: Superior
Black Mark Resistance: Superior
Leveling: Excellent
Recoatability: Excellent
Removability: Excellent

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