Slip Resistant Safety Tape

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NS4500 Series Slip Resistant Resilient Safety Tape

NS4500 Series Slip Resistant Resilient
Safety Tape - Black, Gray & Clear
No Skidding's Resilient rubberized, textured anti-slip tape is designed for moderate to heavy shoe traffic and it is also comfortable for bare feet. Our Resilient no skid tapes also provide unparalleled Coefficient of Friction ratings in commercial, industrial and residential environments. Our adhesive system was designed to be durable enough for the demanding environments of industrial, commercial and OEM applications. Our resilient anti-slip tape is easy to clean and mop friendly. Available in black, gray or clear.

NS4500 Series unique co-polymer construction provides heavy duty slip resistance on par with most highly abrasive products, yet is soft to the touch. Because it is made of a rubberized material, it is comfortable for bare foot traffic, yet tough enough to withstand heavy boot, shoe, or cart traffic. Engineered as a premier performer, NS4500 resilient is a perfect solution for helping to prevent slips and falls on most industrial and commercial applications. NS4500 series is very conformable.

Features & Benefits
Quality Raw Materials: Long life and durable.
Textured Resilient Surface: Soft texture, slip resistant, comfortable to bare feet.
Easy Installation: Simply position, peel-off the backing, and apply to a clean, dry, oil free surface.
Low Profile: Prevents edge curl.

UL Logo
Certified High Traction

Technical Data
Surface Compatibility: Painted wood, painted metal, sealed concrete
Application Temperature: Apply when above 50° F
Storage Life: 1 Year @ 72° F/50% relative humidity
Standard Sizes:
Roll Lengths: 60 ft.
Roll Widths: 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 12", 18", 24", 36", 48"
Die Cut: 6" x 24", Custom die cuts and other sizes available on request
Available Colors: Black, Gray & Clear. Custom colors available upon request

Kinetic Coefficient of Friction
Leather: 0.58       Wet Leather: 0.84
Rubber: 1.06        Wet Rubber: 1.18
Testing Method: ASTM D1894-95 Kinetic Coefficient of Friction Testing 7/97
NS4500 Black Tape NS4510 Gray Tape NS4550 Clear Tape
NS4500 Series Black Tape NS4500 Series Gray Tape NS4500 Series Clear Tape

Product No.DescriptionSize
NS45001Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape1" x 60'
NS45002Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape2" x 60'
NS45003Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape3" x 60'
NS45004Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape4" x 60'
NS45006Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape6" x 60'
NS45012Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape12" x 60'
NS45018Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape18" x 60'
NS45024Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape24" x 60'
NS45036Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape36" x 60'
NS45048Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape48" x 60'
NS4500-6X24Anti Slip Resilient Rubberized Vinyl Tape6" x 24"

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