Slip Resistant Safety Tape

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Custom Anti Slip Tape Capabilities

NS5200B Series Slip Resistant Safety Tape with Silicone Carbide Grit

NS5200B Series Anti-Slip,
High Traction Safety Tape
No Skidding NS5200B Anti Slip High Traction Grit Tape is your safety solution wherever heavy duty slip resistance is required. NS5200B series is manufactured with tough, durable, silicone carbide stones that last much longer than competitors' grit tape. Silicone carbide is an abrasion-resistant crytalline compound that is similar to diamond in structure. It is one of the hardest known substances. The stones are embedded in super strong, cross linked, all-weather plastic film. NS5200B utilizes a powerful, premium pressure sensitive adhesive that displays a high quick stick, peel / sheer adhesion, and excellent anchorage to many hard-to-adhere surfaces. NS5200B Series outperforms the competition in kinetic coefficient tests for slip resistance.

No Skidding NS5200B series anti slip grit tape has hundreds of applications that include: stairs, playgrounds, recreational areas, ramps and walkways, pool areas, campers, RV's, work areas, running boards, boat decks, loading docks, machine shops, hazardous floor areas, lawn equipment, trucks, trailers and industrial equipment. No Skidding Anti Slip Tapes - Anti Slip Grit Tapes, Vinyl Tapes, and Resilient Tapes are in use in dozens of countries around the world and include a wide and varied selection of OEM applications that include:
  • Fitness/Exercise Equipment
  • Fork Trucks
  • Heavy Construction Equipment (Compactors, Cranes, etc.)
  • Skid Loaders
  • Farm Implement Equipment (Combines, Tillers, etc.)
  • Trailers (Cargo, Boats, Horse, Car, etc.)
  • Boats (Paddle Boats, Boat Ladders, etc.)
  • RVs (Steps, Ladders, Roof etc.)
  • Running Boards
  • Golf Carts
  • Riding Lawn Mowers
  • Ground Support Equipment for Airlines
  • Ramps (Wheel Chairs, Equipment)
  • Home Health Care Equipment (Ramps, Lifts, Scooters)
  • Medical Equipment (Dialysis chairs´┐Żf foot rests, Rehabilitation Equipment, Scales)
  • Industrial Equipment (Scissors Lift, Machinery with work platforms)
  • Food Handling Equipment
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Bleachers
  • Office Furniture (Ergonomic Steps)
  • Step Stools / Ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Spotting Trailers
  • Sailing Vessels and Yachts
  • Van / Bus Lifts
No Skidding NS5200B Series Black anti slip tapes meet or exceed the following:
  • OSHA Spec 1910.24 Stair Tread
  • OSHA Spec 1910.26 Ladder Rungs
  • Military Spec Mil-D-17951E-Ships
  • Military Spec Mil-W-5044C-Type IV
  • Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #302
Our facility is geared to custom die cut sizes, custom sized anti slip tapes both in terms of widths and lengths and our turnaround time is among the best in the industry. Please let us know the specifics of your requirements and we would be pleased to work with you to accommodate your needs in a timely fashion.

Features & Benefits
Quality Raw Materials: Long life, durable, and resistant to heavy traffic,water, and grease.
Abrasive Grain Provides a consistent co-efficient of friction. 80 grit size.
Easy Installation Simply position, peel-off the backing and apply to clean, dry, grease free surface.
Conformability Installs over most irregular surfaces.
Low Profile Helps prevent edge curl.

Technical Data
Surface Compatibility: Painted wood, painted metal, sealed concrete.
Application Temperature: Apply when surface temperature is above 50°F
Storage Life: Min. 1 Year @ 72°F/50% relative humidity.
Standard Sizes: Roll Lengths: 60 ft.
Roll Widths: 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 12", 18", 24", 36", 48"
Die Cut: 51/2"x51/2", 3/4"x24", 6"x24" Custom die cuts & other sizes available on request
Product Description: Abrasive grain coated plastic film, one side pressure sensitive adhesive, protected by removable liner.

Designed to exceed OSHA standards for anti-slip protection on hazardous surfaces.
UL Logo
Certified High Traction

Product No.DescriptionSize
NS5201BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit1" x 60'
NS5202BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit2" x 60'
NS5203BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit3" x 60'
NS5204BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit4" x 60'
NS5206BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit6" x 60'
NS5212BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit12" x 60'
NS5218BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit18" x 60'
NS5224BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit24" x 60'
NS5236BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit36" x 60'
NS5248BBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit48" x 60'
NS5200B-5.5X5.5Black Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit5.5" x 5.5"
NS5200B-0.75X24Black Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit0.75" x 24"
NS5200B-6X24Black Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit6" x 24"
NS5200B-6X24PSBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit with Photoluminescent Stripe6" x 24"
NS5200B-6X24RSBlack Anti Slip Grit Tape - 80 Grit with Reflective Stripe6" x 24"

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