Slip Resistant Safety Tape

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NS5600B Anti Slip Safety Mop Friendly Black Grit

No Skidding Anti Slip Safety Mop Friendly Black Grit Tape NS5600B

No Skidding® Mop Friendly Black Grit Tape is designed to offer enhanced anti slip protection while also ensuring a snag free mop cleaning experience. We have taken our premium grade traction tape and modified the traction grit to allow it to be mopped without catching the mop strings. This product has an aggressive acrylic adhesive system that bonds to most clean, grease free and dry surfaces while offering water resistant long term bonding characteristics. This product is our recommended choice for areas where frequent cleaning is common. This product is offered in black only. Minimum application temperature is 50°F (10°C).
  • Mop Friendly surface
  • Water-Resistant
  • Chemical and Oil Resistant
  • Excellent Durability
  • Traction Surface
  • Aggressive Adhesive System

No Skidding® Mop Friendly Black Grit Tape is designed for indoor and outdoor non-skid applications that require long-term anchorage to a variety of surfaces that need to be mopped on a regular basis.

Product No.DescriptionSize
NS5601BBlack Mop Friendly Grit Tape1 x 60
NS5602BBlack Mop Friendly Grit Tape2 x 60
NS5604BBlack Mop Friendly Grit Tape4 x 60
NS5606BBlack Mop Friendly Grit Tape6 x 60
NS5612BBlack Mop Friendly Grit Tape12 x 60
NS5600B-6X24Black Mop Friendly Grit Anti-Slip Cleats (50 per pack)6 x 24

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