Slip Resistant Safety Tape

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NS5700B Conformable Anti-Slip Grit Tape

Conformable Anti-Slip Grit Tape -
perfect for uneven areas
Our conformable aluminum foil backed high traffic anti slip tape conforms to most irregular surfaces like tread plate metal flooring, heavily textured surfaces, stair nosing. Our conformable foil backed grit tape resists lifting and flagging better than conventional grit tape. It has our 60 grit aluminum oxide texture and an aggressive adhesive system making it a very suitable all around choice for many different surfaces.
  • Ideal for difficult or irregularly-contoured areas, such as diamond-tread plates
  • The foil backing allows the black anti-slip surfacing to be hammered into shape for a perfect fit.
  • Can be used on factory walkways, ladders, construction equipment, trucks, ships and railways.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Not suitable for submerged applications.
  • Adhesive: Acrylic Solvent Adhesive.
  • Carrier: Aluminum Foil (2 mil) with black Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit.
Minimum application temperature is 50°F (10°C).
Available in black only.

Technical Data
Application Temperature: Apply when surface temperature is above 50°F
Storage Life: Min. 1 Year @ 72°F/50% relative humidity.
Standard Sizes: Roll Lengths: 60 ft.
Roll Widths: 2", 4", 6", 12"
Die Cut: 6"x24" Custom die cuts & other sizes available on request

Rubber Mallet, 16 oz., Item Number: S/RM.

When applying our conformable anti slip tape onto diamond tread plate and checker plates our soft rubber mallet is ideal for helping the material to conform onto irregular surfaces. Simply press the conformable anti slip tape into place then use the soft rubber mallet to help it form to the irregular surface.

No Skidding® Conformable foil backed anti-slip tape is designed specifically for heavy duty textured surface and stair nosing applications. The foil backing and adhesive system allows for excellent conformability on textured, irregular and embossed surfaces. Designed for steel tread plate, uneven surfaces and stair nosing.

Product No.DescriptionSize
NS5702BBlack Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape2 x 60
NS5704BBlack Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape4 x 60
NS5706BBlack Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape6 x 60
NS5712BBlack Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tape12 x 60
NS5700B-6X24Black Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Cleats (50 per pack)6 x 24

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