Reflective Tapes

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Custom Anti Slip Tape Capabilities

No Skidding® Engineer Grade Reflective Tape

No Skidding® Engineer Grade Reflective Tape
  • High quality, Engineering Grade reflective material designed for poles, barricades, fences, buildings, roads, etc. to help signify danger and/or roadway hazards.
  • Excellent daytime and night time visibility.
  • Our permanent adhesive sticks to most clean and dry surfaces.
  • Material is rated for 7 years of outdoor life, depending on conditions.
  • Meets ASTM D-4956-99 Reflectivity Type I.
  • Hazard striped tape has a protective lamination to help ensure the printed stripe will not wear off.

Product No.Size
SI-REF-1X301 x 30 ft.
SI-REF-2X302 x 30 ft.
SI-REF-3X303 x 30 ft.
SI-REF-4X304 x 30 ft.
SI-REF-1X1501 x 150 ft.
SI-REF-2X1502 x 150 ft.
SI-REF-3X1503 x 150 ft.
SI-REF-4X1504 x 150 ft.
SI-REF-6X1506 x 150 ft.

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