Safeguard Your Space: Explore the Benefits of No Skidding® Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

Safeguard Your Space: Explore the Benefits of No Skidding® Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

Safeguard Your Space: Explore the Benefits of No Skidding® Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

Slippery floors can pose significant hazards in all environments, including industrial, commercial, institutional, hospitality, residential, and retail. The potential for slip, trip, and fall accidents not only endangers employees but also jeopardizes the safety of customers and visitors. Addressing this issue is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring a safe environment.

No Skidding Anti-Slip Floor Treatments are an effective solution to this pervasive problem. These innovative treatments offer a wide range of benefits, making them an invaluable addition to any industrial or commercial maintenance regime.

The Hazards and Liability of Slippery-When-Wet Floors

Slippery floors are a leading cause of accidents, injuries, and potential legal liabilities. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), slips and falls account for over 1 million hospital emergency room visits per year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlight that slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries, especially among older adults. These accidents can result in serious injuries, impacting not only the individuals involved and also the establishment where these accidents took place.

Slippery floors in commercial and industrial spaces significantly increase the risk of workplace accidents. Consider a restaurant with a slippery kitchen floor; a server or chef could easily slip and suffer from severe injuries, leading to medical expenses and potential worker's compensation claims. Furthermore, businesses can face legal repercussions if it is determined that negligence in maintaining safe floors led to injuries. For instance, a slip and fall accident in a supermarket due to a wet floor can result in costly lawsuits and damage to the business' reputation.

Amid these challenges, it is crucial for businesses to prioritize anti-slip measures to mitigate the hazards associated with slippery-when-wet floors. Implementing effective floor safety solutions not only protects individuals but also shields businesses from the financial and legal consequences of slip and fall incidents.

Regulatory Compliance and Certifications

Various regulatory standards and certifications emphasize the importance of floor safety in commercial and industrial settings. Organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have established guidelines for floor slip resistance to ensure workplace safety. These standards detail the necessary measures and performance criteria for preventing slip and fall accidents.

In addition to regulatory requirements, certifications such as “Certified High Traction” by NFSI and compliance with standards like ASTM, ADA, and CFIA, demonstrate a floor treatment's effectiveness in addressing slip hazards. No Skidding® Anti-Slip Floor Treatments exceed the requirements set forth by these regulatory bodies, offering businesses a reliable solution to enhance floor safety and meet compliance standards.

By investing in anti-slip measures that adhere to regulatory standards and certifications, businesses can proactively reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents, safeguarding both individuals and the organization.

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Features of No Skidding® Anti-Slip Floor Treatments:

Clear Anti-Slip Protection for a Wide Variety of Surfaces

No Skidding® Anti-Slip Floor Treatments offer clear protection for a wide range of hard unsealed surfaces, including ceramic tile, porcelain, concrete, quarry tile, granite, glazed brick, cementitious terrazzo, and more. These treatments provide reliable and versatile anti-slip protection, addressing the hazards posed by slippery-when-wet surfaces. They create invisible treads on the surface of floors, significantly increasing the co-efficient of friction and minimizing the dangers of slick surfaces.

Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective Solution

One of the standout benefits of No Skidding® Anti-Slip Floor Treatments is their long-lasting and cost-effective nature. With one application typically lasting up to three years with proper maintenance, it eliminates the need for frequent upkeep, making it an economically efficient solution. By opting for this treatment, you can avoid the financial implications associated with regular maintenance or potential accidents caused by slippery surfaces.

Application and Versatility

When it comes to choosing an anti-slip floor treatment, the application and versatility are key factors to consider. No Skidding® Anti-Slip Floor Treatments are offered in three different variations, each designed for specific flooring types to ensure you have the best performing solution for your floor. The application process is quick and easy, taking only 20 minutes before the floor can be put back to use.

a range of benefits that cater to the specific needs of various settings, from hotels and restaurants to hospitals and factories


Zero VOCs and Natural Look Preservation

One of the standout features of this treatment is its consideration for the environment. With zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), it offers an eco-friendly solution for enhancing safety without compromising air quality. Furthermore, the preservation of the natural appearance of the surface is a crucial advantage for businesses seeking visually appealing anti-slip solutions. This is particularly beneficial for settings where aesthetics plays a significant role in the overall ambiance, such as hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

Certified High Traction and Exceeding Standards

Notably, the No Skidding Industrial Anti-Slip Floor Treatment holds certification as High Traction by NFSI, exceeding SCOF requirements for ASTM, OSHA, ADA, and ANSI/NFSI. Its recognition and compliance make it a reputable choice for ensuring safety without compromising on environmental standards.

The certifications and industry standards exceeded by the No Skidding Industrial Anti-Slip Floor Treatment prove its reliability and effectiveness, verified by third-party testing.

These certifications ensure that the treatment provides high traction and meets or surpasses industry standards for slip resistance, making it a trustworthy solution for addressing slip hazards. Our lengthy list of satisfied customers over the decades further validates the effectiveness of this treatment, instilling confidence in its ability to provide uncompromising slip resistance in diverse environments.

The Slippery Floor Solution:

As we have shown, when it comes to creating a safer environment and reducing the risk of slips and falls, No Skidding Industrial Anti-Slip Floor Treatment stands out as a reliable and effective solution.

With its clear anti-slip protection for a variety of natural unsealed slippery-when-wet surfaces, including ceramic tile, quarry tile, granite, glazed brick, and more, this treatment offers numerous benefits for a wide range of industries and settings.

By catering to a diverse array of settings and providing durable, compliant, and cost-effective solutions, No Skidding Industrial Anti-Slip Floor Treatment stands as a dependable choice for establishments such as hotels, motels, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, and many more.

Since 1995 No Skidding has been providing quality solutions for businesses to maintain compliance with industry standards, becoming an asset in creating a safer and more secure space for employees, customers, and visitors. For more information about the benefits of anti-slip floor treatment and its application, you can refer to No Skidding’s Website.