Institutional, Government & Military

No Skidding® products are preferred by various militaries, border services, police, fire departments, schools, correctional facilities, museums and various levels of government – federal, state and local.  Our products are used at government & institutional facilities and also on & in a wide range of public / government vehicles.  Public buildings must be compliant and accessible to all. Our full range of anti-slip products are used to ensure excellent traction on stairs, walkways, ramps, and on & in vehicles. According to the NFSI, in the US alone slips & falls are responsible for in excess of one million hospital emergency room visits per year.  Having protocol and products in compliance can safeguard against costly injuries & claims.  A strategy is to proactively use No Skidding’s comprehensive range of slip injury prevention products at government buildings around the world.

Defense Forces, Border Service & Law Enforcement

No Skidding® products are preferred by militaries, border services and law enforcement for their vehicles and for their facilities. Our non-slip products are used to ensure excellent traction on walkways, stairs, ramps, transportation areas, and military and law enforcement vehicles.

Schools and Universities

The degree of commitment that universities and colleges around the world have to providing a safer learning environment for their students is not in doubt. The number of schools using No Skidding® is growing all the time. Whether it's Ivy League schools like Yale or Princeton, top Canadian universities like the University of Toronto, British schools like Sheffield University or the International University of Grand Bassam in Ivory Coast, Aga Khan University in Kenya, our products are preferred universally for ease of application, and suitability for many surfaces, indoors and outdoors.

Embassies and Consulates

No Skidding® products are widely used at many U.S. and Canadian Embassies globally from Egypt to Kazakhstan, the Ukraine to Washington, DC or Mongolia to Bangladesh. The 'mission' is clear; proactively address slip & fall exposure. Using our durable NFSI anti-slip tapes as part of a proactive approach to reducing slip and falls is widely used as a quick & inexpensive remedy.