Good housekeeping and being proactive is key to reducing the likelihood of a slip or fall in a residential environment.  Cleaning up spills rapidly, sweep dust or dirt off of the floor and remove clutter and obstacles.  In addition using the correct No Skidding® NFSI certified high traction slip-resistant coatings, treatments, floor care, sealers and tapes is a proven, proactive cost effective way to reduce slip-and-falls around the home and in residential buildings like apartments and condominiums.

Apartments and Condominiums

No Skidding® offer a full range of anti-slip coatings and FRP step covers for residential buildings. Our anti-slip coatings & anti-slip FRP panels provide immediate and durable anti-slip protection for exterior & interior ramps & walkways made of wood, concrete, brick, stone and metal. They provide a quick fix for slippery surfaces that can't be easily resurfaced. In addition our North American manufactured NFSI certified anti-slip tapes are very popular and affordable products to rapidly address slippery surfaces in residential buildings.

Exterior Hard Floor Patios, Steps and Walkways

We offer several approaches to remedy slippery exterior tile surfaces including clear anti-slip treatments, clear, black and colored anti-slip tapes, barefoot friendly and shoe friendly as well as DIY anti-slip aerosols, no skid coatings and slip-resistant sealers.

Interior Ceramic or Porcelain Floor Tile

No Skidding® Anti-slip Treatment was formulated to be a quick, easy application on ceramic, porcelain & natural stone floors. It is simply mopped onto the clean floor using a lambs wool applicator. The floor is kept wet with the Treatment, usually for 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinsed away with clean, cold water. This simple process helps increase the coefficient-of-friction for up to 3 years with one application.