Irrespective of the ever increasing explosion in online shopping, bricks & mortar retail is here to stay.  Many consumers still prefer to be able to touch products and test them out before they buy.  Having face-to-face interaction is key with many different types of shopping experiences.  Whether large regional shopping malls, local strip malls, banks, restaurants, supermarkets, specialty stores or big box stores, around the world retailers, mall management, restaurants, banks and supermarkets all share a desire to ensure that their customers shopping experiences are enjoyable and safe.  No Skidding® products are used on floors, ramps, stairs, elevators, pedestrian ramps and walkways, parking lots and garages at retail locations around the world.  A variety of No Skidding® products are used to help address and reduce slip and falls.  No Skidding® offer a complete range of anti-slip solutions for the retail sector that are NFSI certified and exceed OSHA and ADA guidelines.  Our products are used by a wide variety of retailers to proactively and also reactively make walking surfaces safer for their customers and workers.

Banks, Auto Dealers, Fitness Centers & Specialty Stores

Many large, medium and independent Canadian, US and international retailers use No Skidding® anti-slip solutions to create a safer environment for their staff and customers. Banks, auto dealers, fitness centers, boutiques and specialty stores all share a concern for customer and worker safety. No Skidding® products have been in continual use by retailers globally because of their high effectiveness as anti-slip solutions.

Supermarkets & Restaurants

No Skidding® anti-slip treatments, cleaners & degreasers, anti-slip tapes, glow-in-the dark tapes and FRP step covers & panels are used by supermarkets & restaurants globally. Poorly maintained & slippery floors, stairs and ramps can pose a slip hazard. Properly prepared, treated and maintained surfaces help ensure the smooth and safe movement of guests & workers as they go about their shopping or dining experience. No Skidding’s cost-effective anti-slip solutions have been used for decades to help facilitate a safer environment in retail.

Indoor Shopping Malls & Outdoor Shopping Centers

At shopping malls slips and falls can occur on a wide variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Shopping Center owners and property managers use a variety of our products on a variety of surfaces to help address this. Any walking surface that has a slippery, uneven or improperly maintained surface can result in a slip and fall injury. No Skidding® products, with the correct maintenance systems in place, can help to reduce slips.