About Us

No Skidding Products Inc. is a proudly Canadian manufacturer of the world’s most comprehensive range of anti-slip solutions for industrial, commercial and custom applications.

We have been operating since 1995, gathering extensive experience in coatings and chemicals technology and are continually advancing the performance and longevity of our products. 

All of our anti-slip treatments, coatings, tapes and floor care products are engineered, independently tested and manufactured in North America to ensure the ultimate in quality, durability and safety.

Our products are used in over 50 countries worldwide, serving a range of different markets, including: Industrial, Commercial, Transportation, Institutional, Government, Military, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Residential, Entertainment, and Sports

We are trusted by the world’s leading brands such as Microsoft, Walt Disney, United Nations, Air Canada, FedEx, Fairmont, Westin Hotels and The US Army.

At No Skidding Products, our mission is to enhance safety and prevent slip-and-fall accidents by providing innovative, reliable, and high-quality anti-slip solutions. We are committed to creating secure environments across diverse industries through continuous improvement, expert consultation, and a steadfast dedication to excellence. Our goal is to protect lives and ensure peace of mind, one step at a time.