Slip and Fall Prevention Solutions.
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No Skidding® is Canadian owned and operated and is proud to be a new member of ORHMA. All of our anti-slip treatments, coatings, tapes and floor care products are engineered, independently tested and manufactured in North America to ensure the ultimate in quality, durability and safety.

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Slips and falls are the number one cause of accidents in hotels and restaurants

No Skidding® products are the preferred proactive anti-slip solution system trusted by thousands of hotels and restaurants globally, catering to all budgets.

Hotel Bathtubs & Showers

NFSI Certified High-Traction products like our No Skidding® anti-slip vinyl bathmats, strips, and tub and tile treatments have been used by hotels & motels for years to help create a safer environment for guests. Our anti-slip bathmats are anti-microbial, engineered from a unique vinyl that is both comfortable to the skin and easy to clean.

Common Areas & Kitchens

No Skidding® industrial anti-slip floor treatments provide anti-slip protection for natural unsealed slippery-when-wet floors including ceramic/porcelain tile, quarry tile, marble, granite, and concrete. They create an invisible tread on floors that significantly increases the coefficient of friction minimizing slip, trip, and fall accidents. One application will typically last for years with good housekeeping.

Stairways, Ramps & Walkways

No Skidding® anti-slip tapes and treads are used on stairs, ramps, and walkways to prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents. Our premium quality anti-slip tapes provide a durable and economical choice for most indoor and outdoor applications. They are Certified High-Traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), and exceed the SCOF requirements for ASTM, OSHA, ADA, and ANSI.

Pool Decks

Pool decks can be extremely slippery when wet. Our NFSI Certified High-Traction No Skidding® anti-slip treatments are used on pool decks to address this serious issue. They create a microscopic tread on the face of the surface that increases slip-resistance, creating a safer environment for your guests. No Skidding® also offers barefoot friendly anti-slip strips, cleats and tapes that are in wide use on pool steps and surroundings.