16" Lambswool Treatment Applicator - Complete with 1 pad


*This product does not include the handle

  • Our applicator block and synthetic lambswool pad are our recommended item to apply No Skidding Anti-Slip Treatment to hard mineral based floors, like ceramic, porcelain, etc.
  • It should be used along with our Anti-Slip Treatments (90378, 80378, 10946, 50378) to ensure a professional result. Synthetic lambswool applicator pads include a 2 piece hardwood block with plated hardware. Pads are 3/4".
  • Attach conventional broom handle in the block, follow detailed instructions, and apply.
  • Our 16" Synthetic Lambswool Applicator is the most popular choice for applying our No Skidding-Anti Slip Treatments to a multitude of floor surfaces.
  • Recommended for our Anti-Slip Treatments, not coatings

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