2" FRP Flat Plates / Deck Strips


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Ramps, piers, steps and wooden decks are a major slip hazard when wet. No Skidding® Anti-Slip FRP Deck Plates are an ideal and economical solution that can be easily installed on any structurally sound concrete, wood, brick, stone or metal surface to address potential slip hazards.

Our tapered design helps to eliminate any potential trip hazard. No Skidding® Anti-Slip FRP Plates are constructed from a durable FRP base which is resistant to buckling, rotting and extreme weather. Available in three grit textures for excellent anti-slip properties. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Suitable for industrial, commercial, marine, off-shore installations. Can be installed with fasteners or various PL adhesives.

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Features and Benefits of No Skidding® FRP Plate Anti-Slip Products:

  • Reduces slips on steps, railway ties, walkways, wooden decks, marine applications, bridges, etc.
  • Used in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Suitable for concrete, wood, brick, stone and metal.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Can be fixed permanently with screws or adhesive.
  • Suitable for outdoor environments where anti-slip tapes can’t be applied because of winter weather constraints.
  • An even more cost effective option to our Step Covers when a nose is not required.