Safety Grade Photoluminescent Glow-In-The-Dark Anti-Slip Grit Tape - NS4300PH Series

  • No Skidding® Premium Anti-Slip Photoluminescent Grit Tape is a safety grade glow-in-the-dark anti-skid grit tape coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. It has been designed to exceed requirements for OSHA and other safety standards.
  • Slip resistant, mineral-coated photoluminescent tape that absorbs and stores energy from artificial or natural light and when tape is charged it becomes immediately visible in the event of a blackout.
  • No Skidding® Glow-in-the-Dark Anti-Slip Safety Tape is ideal for stairs, ramps, landings, emergency exits and other potentially slick surfaces that are part of your low-level emergency egress system.    
  • The initial phase consists of a strong immediate glow followed by an accelerated decrease of the initial brilliance thereafter.
  • Non-radioactive abrasive texture provides safe, anti slip surface for stairs.
  • Easily affixes to most surfaces and has an excellent peel-and-stick adhesive backing that facilitates low-cost, easy installation.      
  • Can help to prevent costly slip and fall accidents during blackout conditions.
  • Exceeds OSHA standards for anti slip protection on hazardous surfaces.
  •  No Skidding® Anti-Slip Photoluminescent Grit Tape is designed for applications such as egress markings in building, marine, rail, and military applications.
  • Meets: DIN 67510, ASTM 2072, ISO 15370, MEA# 235-05-M.
  • Certified High Traction by NFSI.

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Standard Sizes:  Ranging from 1 inch (2.54cm) to 24 inches (60.96cm) by 60 ft. (18.3m) long and 6” X 24” treads, 3” Circles and 4” Arrows.