EPICOTE Slip-Resistant Coating with Integrated Grit #79000

  • Single part anti slip coating with integrated grit, provides a durable, coarse, slip resistant surface.
  • For interior use on wood, concrete, or steel surfaces that require safe footing.
  • Tough, durable anti slip coating with the simplicity and durability of a one component application.
  • Self-Priming on properly prepared interior and exterior bare metal and concrete and on interior bare wood.
  • Resistant to gasoline, acids, most oils, hydraulic oils, grease, alcohol, etc.
  • Designed to provide sure, safe footing on wet or sloped areas in manufacturing operations, warehousing facilities, indoor walkways, ramps, loading docks, and anywhere a tough one part slip resistant surface is required.
  • Coverage: 100 to 125 sq. ft. per gallon, each coat. We suggest back-brushing after rolling to help with penetration and uniformity for steps, ramps and similar small areas for best performance and longevity.

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Grey  |  Green  |  Tile Red  |  Yellow  |  Black  |  Beige  | Sand

Available in:

79015 Grey  |  79017 Green  |  79019 Tile Red  |  79020 Yellow  |  79021 Black  |  79022 Beige  |  79033 Sand

Container sizes: 1 gallon (3.78 L), 2 per case, 5  gallon (18.9 L).