Mop Friendly Grit Tape (60 Grit) - Black - NS5600B Series


No Skidding® Premium Mop Friendly Black Tape is our commercial grade aluminum oxide anti-slip tape that provides an enhanced level of anti-skid protection and also provides a surface that is easy to clean with a mop. Designed to meet OSHA standards. The grit particles from this product have been modified to allow the surface to be mopped without the mop strings catching on the grit particles. The rounded aggregate allows the mop fibers to slide more easily over the non-slip surface without catching and pulling. This product has an aggressive acrylic adhesive system that will bond to most clean and dry surfaces. NS5600 is the choice for areas where there is frequent cleaning with a mop but still the requirements for a premium traction grip tape.

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No Skidding® Mop Friendly Grit Tape is designed for indoor and outdoor anti-skid applications that require bonding to a variety of surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of markets including OEM, Building Safety and Hospitality.

• Available in black or Yellow • Mop friendly  • Water resistant • Excellent durability

• Chemical & oil resistant • Traction grit surface • High performance adhesive system

• Certified by the NFSI as “High Traction”

Standard sizes:

Tapes: Widths ranging from 1 inch (2.54cm) to 12 inches (30.48cm) by 60 ft. (18.3m) long and 6” x 24” cleats.

Custom slitting and die cut shapes for OEM applications are our specialty.