Slip-Resistant Textured Epoxy Aerosol Spray #11930 (2 Pack)


Contains two sprays in each order 

A slip-resistant epoxy aerosol coating that cures to a textured finish. Particularly effective where slippery conditions exist. Contains non-skid recycled plastic particles specifically designed to give a hard textured coating for foot traffic on concrete, steel, fiberglass, treated aluminum, and primed wood

  • Cures to a hard slip resistant textured finish.
  • Adheres to fiberglass, wood, steel, concrete and other surfaces where a slip resistant finish is desired.
  • Effective on steps, ramps, loading docks, fire escape ladders, stair treads, pool surroundings, boat decks and around machinery.
  • Self priming on most surfaces.
  • Quick drying. For use indoors and outdoors.
  • Available in clear, white, black, grey, safety yellow.
  • One 12 oz. aerosol covers between 14 and 20 square feet. Porosity of substrate and application technique will affect coverage.

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For more information, visit this product's Technical Data Sheet

For safety information, visit the products Safety Data Sheet:

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Please Note: Clear epoxy color has a slight amber hue to it and should not be used on white surfaces. Use 11935C if crystal clear result is required. Use 11935W Acrylic Anti Slip Aerosol if a whiter white is desired relative to 11930W Epoxy Anti Slip Aerosol.

Container sizes: 12 oz. aerosol, 12 per case. 11930 Series is also available in gallons (3.78 L) and 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails special order for larger projects.  Please inquire.