SSC 141- Safety Solvent Cleaner


Nothing else like it! Water soluble. Dissolves many hard-to-clean organic stains and substances. Contains no water. 100% active ingredients in a unique high-tech proprietary blend.

  • Widely Acclaimed as excellent
  • Water Soluble
  • Non-Flammable (but is combustible)
  • Neutral PH
  • Colorless
  • Non-foaming
  • No Chlorinated Solvents or CFC’s
  • Slow Evaporation
  • Economical and Labor-saving
  • Adhesives
  • Asphalt
  • Bitumens
  • Black Marks
  • Coal Tar
  • Cosmetics
  • Crude Oil
  • Cutback
  • Graffiti
  • Grease
  • Gum
  • Inks
  • Latex
  • Oils
  • Permanent Marker
  • Resins
  • Sealcoat
  • Tape Residue
  • Tar
  • Tree Pitch
  • Waterproofing
  • Waxes
  • Window Caulk
  • and more
Some Uses for SSC 141:
Acrylics – Dried paper masks on Plexiglas. Remove Velcro™ adhesive, tape residue.  Adhesives – Pressure sensitive adhesive: decals, labels, tapes, production equipment, stickers. During manufacture or after use. Agriculture – Degrease farm machinery, hullers, sheds. Oily pesticide residue. Airplanes, Airports – Stains on concrete, exhaust soot on planes and buildings. Safety decals. Automotive, Trucks, Buses – Detailing, clean concrete, degrease engines, equipment, undercarriage, 5th wheel. Clean benches, washbasins. Remove pin stripes, decals, stickers. Carpet Care – Spotter for oil, grease, tar, cosmetics, blue chalk, adhesives, tape residue. (Special flyer on carpet care available). Chewing Gum – From carpets, concrete and roller rinks. Concrete – Oil stains, hydraulic and auto fluids, tire marks, chewing gum. From concrete, stone and paving blocks. Constructions – Adhesives, waterproofing, tree pitch stickers, sealants, creosote, tar and asphalt.  Coverting – Clean PSA squeeze out, cutters, slitters, knives, benches testers, anilox rollers, etc.  Dental Laboratories – Dewax false teeth, floors. Old labels.  Fire Fighting – Roofing tar from axes, helmets. Equipment rooms.  Flooring – Adhesives, cutback, mastic, black marks. Remove oil stains from concrete to prepare floors. Crayon marks on vinyl.
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Foundry – Clean molds and castings, release agents and waxes.

Graffiti – The winner of three graffiti-removal contests.

Hotels, Convention Halls – Black marks on curbs, concrete and walls. Exhibit floors: tape residue, tire marks, oil drips, and stickers. Glue trap adhesive, applique.

Janitorial – Oil stains on concrete. Adhesives, Blackmarks: heels, wheel chairs, tires, gurneys. Chewing gum, wax, and graffiti.

Label Industry – Old labels, decals. PSA from applicators, rewinders.

Laundry – Tree pitch, pine tar, adhesive residue, cosmetic stains, and crayons.

Lumber – Tree pitch from saw blades and chains, truck panels. Lumber crayon marks.

Machine Refurbishing – Tape and stickers, crayon marks, dried oil and grease.

Machine Shops – Degrease parts and shields. Clean floors, machine. Remove Cosmolene or Techite preservatives, layout paints, marker lines, crayon, tape and sticker residue.

Manufacturing – Layout paint, crayon, permanent markers, asphaltic coatings, waxes. Labels and serial number tags.

Marine – Rub marks, bilges, engine rooms, tape, inspection stickers, greases. Exhaust soot.

Mining – Degrease mine cars. Oil stains, burners and furnaces.

Office Furniture – Remove dried tape, decals from desks and filing cabinets, S/N tags.

Paint Cleanup – Fresh oil-based paint, cleans brushes and splatter. Just rinse with water. Dried latex paint.

Pavement Maintenance – Tar and asphalt from overspray, spills, accidents, vehicles, nozzle tips, tolls. Road oil, hot mix, crack filler, asphalt rubber.

Petroleum Production – Disconnect spills, line breaks, oil from vehicles, tools, equipment, clothes, etc. Clean valves, drill heads. Test equipment, labs etc.

Power Plants – Around boilers, furnaces, yards. Degrease loading equipment.

Power Washing – Pre-spray oil stains, oily soot, asphalt and chewing gum.

Printing – Ink residue, soak press parts, ink fountain keys, mats and carpets of ink and grease, adhesives and wax.

Roofing – Clean splatter, tools, clothes, vehicles, kettles. Tar paper and bitumen rub marks.

Schools – Graffiti, chewing gum, buses, stickers, black marks on floors, lockers. Crayon marks on walls and steps.

Shoes – Clean and shine vinyl and man-made leather.

Solar Film Removal – Remove adhesive, even from rear windows.

Sports Arenas – Black marks on walls, floors and helmets from handballs, pucks. Chewing gum on skating rinks and carpets. Bowling pin-spotters.

Veterinary – Clean pets of asphalt, tree pitch, oil, chewing gum.

Warehouses – Floors of black marks, oil stains, lane tape. Shelf stickers, tags, tape residue.

Wind Generators – Pinion oil, grease. Shop maintenance.

Window Cleaning – Crayons, wax, silicone caulk, stickers, construction cleanup, hairspray. Artificial snow, water proofing, tape residue. Glass, mirrors and acrylic.

General Instructions:
APPLY – Some suggestions for applying SSC 141 are shown below. Use full strength on a dry surface. Use sparingly. (Do not apply to carpets without reading special instruction flyer). AGITATE – You can use an appropriate scrubber or tool. This would include a rag, terry cloth, burlap, nylon or mesh scrub pad, steel wool, scrub brush (e.g. bristles of nylon, polypropylene, or brass) Teflon or nylon scraper (such as a fry pan scraper, body filler applicator or old credit card). RINSE – Rinse with water. A wet cloth, sponge, garden hose, spray bottle of water, garden sprayer, pressure washer, under a faucet, in a washing machine or dishwasher. Water can be picked up from a floor with a floor squeegee, dustpan and brush, wet/dry vacuum, absorbent material, sponge, carpet extractor or floor scrubber. DRY – Wipe dry or allow drying by natural air convection. Or use a heat gun, hair dryer, compressed air, a squeegee, or isopropyl alcohol rinse. MATERIAL CAUTIONS – Test for compatibility, especially on paint, plastic and stone. SSC 141 is generally safe to use on unstressed acrylic (Plexiglas), polyethylene, PVC, ABS and other thermosetting plastics and fiberglass (including gelcoat). SSC 141 will cloud polycarbonate (Lexan) and dissolve polystyrene. If SSC 141 spills on asphalt pavement or vegetation, rinse promptly with water.