Textured Vinyl Anti-Slip Tape - NS4000 & NS4400 Series


  • Designed for wet, barefoot-traffic areas.
  • Textured slip-resistant vinyl tape that has our water-resistant, acrylic adhesive. 
  • Applications include: Showers, bathtubs, locker rooms, therapy rooms, swimming pools, around hot tubs, aquatic equipment, and many more applications.
  • Used in senior care, hospitals, hotels, motels, and residences for years.
  • Engineered from a unique type of vinyl that is both comfortable to the skin, pleasing to the eye, easy to clean and durable.
  • Our vinyl tape is sanitary and it’s vinyl construction can limit the growth of odor causing germs and bacteria.
  • Simple application – as simple as peeling off the release liner and pressing firmly onto a clean, dry surface.
  • Simple removal when ready.

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NS4000 White & Clear | NS4400 Clear | NS4400 White | NS4400 Black  

Colors & Textures:

Fine Texture available in White and Clear. Coarse Texture available in White and Black

Standard sizes:

Tapes: Widths ranging from 1 inch (2.54cm) to 48 inches (121.92cm) wide by 60 ft. (18.3m) long. Available as wide as 54 inches (137.16cm) by 60 ft. (18.3m), special order.

Also available in Bathmats (16”x34”, 16”x40”), Shower Mats (24"x24"), and Bath Strips (¾”x7.5”, ¾”x17.5”)

Custom slitting and die cut shapes for OEM applications also available.