We are excited to announce that No Skidding® Products Inc. has partnered with USI to help provide a safer environment for USI clients.

Since 1995, No Skidding® has been a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of the world's most complete range of Anti-Slip products. Our products have a proven track record in over sixty countries and in dozens of markets including manufacturing, industrial and facility safety, government and military, transportation, hospitality, retail, healthcare, entertainment, and sports. Our mission is to make the world safer by providing the highest quality products that are tested and proven solutions to prevent slip-and-fall injuries. 


We are proud to offer all USI Members exclusive preferred pricing on all of our proven safety solutions:

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Slips and falls are the number one cause of workplace accidents across all industries

No Skidding® products are the preferred proactive Anti-Slip solution trusted by thousands of businesses globally, catering to all budgets.